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සියත ලක්ස්-ලෝක රූ රැජන ශ්‍රී ලංකා 2014

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Tuesday, August 05, 2014 | 7:00 PM Venue: Hilton

කිස්ස්ටෝරි නයින්ටීස් පාර්ටි

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KISS 96.9 & Party Bees together with The Hilton Colombo present……. Kisstory 90's Party. It's the 90's party you were waiting for..... Friday 1st August. 8:00 pm, at the Blue Elephant – Hilton Colombo. go down memory lane & treat your ears to the best ...

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ග්‍රෑන්ඩ් ඔරියන්ටල් හෝටලය

02, යෝර්ක් වීදිය, ,

An iconic building at the heart of Colombo, located overlooking the busy harbour; gifted with history, it is where comfort blends with affordability for the most discerning traveler. This fine piece of architecture speaks of the country's colonial time ...

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අමායා රිසෝට් ඇන්ඩ් ස්පාස්

නැගනහිර කුළුණ, ලෝක වළඳ මධ්‍යස්ථානය, ,

At Amaya Resorts and Spas, we are defined by a special Sri Lankan spirit - an unassuming commitment to ensure your own space of simple indulgences. Throughout your stay, feel our nurturing embrace as we tend to whims and fancies, bring families together, ...

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එශියා කැපිටල් පි එල් සි

ලෝක වෙළද මධ්‍යස්ථානය, , , , 00100

At Asia Capital PLC we strive towards the unreasonable, the unattainable, and even the impossible. Our flair for entrepreneurship goes back to the 1990s when we entered the share and equity markets under the brokering firm - Asia Securities. Doing so wit ...

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නව චීන ෂොප්

84, චැතැම් වීදිය, ,

Established in 1952 there isn't anything new about it. However this really lovely old-world tailor/curio store down Chatham Street is still owned by a second generation Sri Lankan Chinese, Mr Chang, who somehow saw the place through the dark days (15 year ...

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කොළඹ කොටස් වෙළඳ පොළ

ලෝක වළඳ මධ්‍යස්ථානය, , , 00100

The CSE is a company limited by guarantee, established under the Companies Act No. 17 of 1982 and is licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (SEC). The CSE is a mutual exchange and has 15 full members and 13 Trading Members licensed ...

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ආයෝජන මණ්ඩලය

ලෝක වෙළඳ මධ්‍යස්ථානය, , , , 00100

The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka completes 35 years of existence in 2013. In this time, it has acted as an engine of growth creating a considerable impact on the country’s economic development. The organization had its origins in the Greater Colombo E ...

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ආනයන හා අපනයන පාලන දෙපාර්තමේන්තුව

75 1/3, 1 වන මහල, හේමාස් ගොඩනැගිල්ල, යෝක් වීදිය,


අංක 8, ඹල්ඩි ඩචි හොස්පිටිල්, ,

One of Sri Lanka’s fastest growing exports companies and ranking among the largest tea exporters HVA Foods Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1996 as a BOI approved company. Prior to that the company began business in 1990 as HVA Lanka Exports Pvt. Ltd. as an a ...

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ඩෙන්මාර්ක් කන්සියුලිටෙ

Unit #5-3C, ලෝක වෙළද මධ්‍යස්ථානය,

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ලන්දේසි කෞතුකාගාරය - කොළඹ

කුමාර වීදිය, ,

This two storied large building reflecting the features of a 17th century Dutch Urban house was built by Thomas Van Rhee, The Dutch Governor of Sri Lanka from 1692- 1697 as his official residence. During the British period in 1796 this building was used a ...

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පරණ කොළඹ ප්‍රදිපාගාරය

කොටුව, ,

Old Colombo Lighthouse is a Lighthouse in Colombo. It is no longer operational, but instead functions as a clock tower and is designated as a monument. It is located at the junction of Chatham Street and Janadhipathi Mawatha (formally Queens road) in Colo ...

ජෙමා හෝල්ඩින් (ප්‍රයිවටි) ලිමිටඩි

ලෝක වෙළද මධ්‍යස්ථානය, ,

Location(s) covered: COLOMBO1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,14,Nawala,Nugegoda etc Property Type: Sales, Rentals, Commercial Property, Land. Jima Holdings ( Pvt) Ltd .The Best Solution For Your Property Needs We Are Giving Highly Professional Customize Serv ...

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එච්.ආර්.සී. ශිපින් සමාගම

23-02 නැගෙනහිර කුළුණ, ලෝක වෙළඳ මධ්‍යන්ථානය, , ,

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ඒ.පී.එල්. ලංකා (පුද්) සමාගම

8, 3 වන මහල, යෝක් ආකේඩ් ගොඩනැගිල්ල, ලේඩ්න් බැස්ටියන් පාර, ,

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