Sri Lanka

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Vibrant Negombo

Boasting colonial culture, delicious seafood, beautiful beaches and more wildlife than you can shake a stick at, Negombo is a must-visit for anyone on the Sri Lanka tourist trail.

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Celebrating the New Rice

The month of January captures the freshness of the new year the world over. In Sri Lanka, the mood is amplified in anticipation of thanksgiving celebrations for the paddy harvest of the Maha cultivation season, the country's main crop cycle.

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Climbing the walls

The modern city of Galle is a booming urban centre like many of Sri Lanka's smaller cities, but its grand historic fort - declared by UNESCO "the best example of a fortified city built by Europeans in South and Southeast Asia" - makes it stand out from the crowd.

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Piliyandala town to become a transport hub

The first phase of Piliyandala Town Development Project which aims to make it Colombo’s main transport centre has been launched. One of the main aims of the project is to control the traffic which enters Colombo City.

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Pettah: chaotic But booming

Pettah, in Colombo, is a bustling business district selling miscellaneous goods, where almost anything under the sun is sold at amazingly low prices. It is like a woven tapestry of organised operations, each dependent on one another.

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simply good food

In Sri Lanka, country cooking begins with a plate of wholesome rathu buth, kiri hodi, pol sambal, mallung and a fish curry. This simple meal, embraced and loved across the island, is a firm favourite among the farming community.

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Dimbulagala: The rock of the Arahants

It was in the 3rd Century BC that the teachings of the Buddha were first introduced to the Island by the son of India's Emperor Asoka, Arahant Mahinda. King Devanampiyatissa, who received India's greatest gift to Lanka during his reign, chose Dimbulagala as one of the first places in the island to build a temple.

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Building Fences

A drive down a country lane in Sri Lanka is sure to take you past a delightful feature with a long history in Sri Lanka: the living fence. Not only does it serve as a boundary marker and offer security and privacy,but it also adds to the beauty of the landscape.

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st anthony's wahakotte: A Missionary's Bastion

It can very well be said that the history of religion is the history of man. The majority of history's great monuments are religious in nature. And nowhere is this more apparent than in Sri Lanka.

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Sitawaka: A Short-lived yet significant kingdom

Under its Sanskrit name, ‘Lanka', the Island figures prominently in the epic poem the Ramayana, written in the 5th to 4th century BCE, probably by the Indian sage Valmiki. Although the initial setting for the poem is the capital of the Kosala Kingdom in North India, the story's main concern is an invasion of Lanka by Rama, a prince of the kingdom, in search of his wife, Sita.
Sitawaka only gained prominence for a relatively short period and was raided five times. Ruled by just two kings – both of whom were quite remarkable – it was, nevertheless, a most significant kingdom

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