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ඩී.එස් ජයසිංහ දේපළ කළමනාකරණය

443, නාතුඩුව, ,

PROPERTY DEVELOPER CONTACT Developer Connect programs are specifically designed to launch, market, and sell residential, resort, and urban developments. Appealing to prosperous buyers around the world, these initiatives heighten interest through a glo ...



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කුරුප්පු පාර, , , , 08000

We are in this Real Estate Business since 1990 in Colombo, and has been dealing with all the High Commissions, the Embassies, Multinational Companies, NGO's, the Expatriate Community etc. We have the largest collection of Luxury Apartments in all the C ...

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කුරුප්පු පටුමග, , , , 08000

We are in this Real Estate Business since 1990 and has been dealing with all Embassies, Multinational Companies, NGO's, Expatriates who come here on various Projects etc. We have the largest collection of Luxury - Modern & Colonial Houses some with Poo ...

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මයි කලම්බු ප්‍රොපර්ටි (සමූහ සමාගම)

ස්පැතෝඩා පෙදෙස, ,


My Colombo Property Location(s) covered: Colombo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.Property Type: Sales, Rentals, Commercial Property, Land,Apartments. My Colombo Property (Group of Companies) 0727 199 900

මෙල්ස්ටා රීගල් ෆිනෑන්ස් පුද්ගලික සමාගම

ලෙවල් 1, 33, පාර්ක් වීදිය, , , 200


Melsta Regal Finance Ltd is backed by the strength and stability of Melstacorp Ltd, a conglomerate with diversified interests. The Company was formed with the objective of offering financial products that bear the hallmark of flexibility, convenience an ...

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සීමාසහිත අයිඩියල් ෆිනෑන්ස්

299, යුනිටි ප්ලාසා, , , 200


IFL is a Registered Finance Company coming under the aegis of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and was mooted through the pragmatic coming together of two visionary companies. The founding base is on the vision and plans being implemented in the burgeoning e ...

Telephone+94 11 239 6060
Fax+94 11 239 6757
පීපල්ස් මර්චන්ට් ෆිනෑන්ස් පීඑල්සි

21, නවම් මාවත, ,


Our Products and Services Fixed Deposit Savings Leasing Hire Purchase Real Estate Gold Loan Foreign Currency Margin Trading Corporate Finance Trade Finance   Branches : http://peoplesmerchant.lk/ho-and-branch-locations/  

Telephone+94 11 230 0191/4
Fax+94 11 230 0190 / +94 11 766 6399
ලංකා ඔරික්ස් ෆිනැන්ස් පීඑල්සි

100/1, ශ්‍රී ජයවර්ධනපුර මාවත, , , 10100


Lanka ORIX Finance PLC is a premier licensed finance company in Sri Lanka with its own unique identity. As one of the flagship entities of LOLC Group, we have remained rooted to bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement based on the unshakable fou ...

Telephone+94 11 588 0880
Fax+94 11 286 5606
එල්බී ෆිනෑන්ස්

275/75, මහාචාර්ය ස්ටැන්ලි විජේසුන්දර මාවත, , , 700


THE COMPANY Learn about the LB Finance history, our dedicated and diverse staff, how we do business, and other basic facts.   SERVICES   Fixed DepositsLeasingHire PurchaseMicro FinanceFactoringGold LoansMoney TransferMortgage LoansIslamic F ...

Telephone+94 11 452 1000
Fax+94 11 534 5327
බාට්ලීට් ෆිනෑන්ස් සමාගම

2 වන මහල, බාර්ට්ලීට් එච්ඕ, බේබෲක් පෙදෙස, , , , 200


Bartleet Finance is a financial solutions company who are reputed to be one of the leading finance companies in Sri Lanka with solutions ranging from Fixed Deposits to Margin Trading to Stock Brokering to Property Management.   SOLUTIONS SavingsFixed ...

ජෝර්ජ් ස්ටුවර්ට් ෆිනෑන්ස්

155 , පුත්තලමි පාර, , , 300


GS Finance was established by a group of young professionals who strongly believed that the way forward for Sri Lanka was to build and strengthen the entrepreneurial sector. It is with this belief and spirit that a company willing to support entrepreneurs ...

Telephone+94 11 237 5408-10
Fax+94 11 237 5411
කැපිටල් එලායන්ස් ෆිනෑන්ස් පීඑල්සී

5 වන මහල, මිල්නියම්, නවම් මාවත, , , , 200


CAL is a full-service investment bank with a mission to be 'The Preferred Partner in Capital Markets'. Commencing operations in October 2000, we have established ourselves as a leading player in the financial markets of Sri Lanka specializing in the origi ...

සෙන්ට්‍රල් ෆිනෑන්ස් සමාගම

නගර කාර්යාලය, වොක්ෂෝල් ස්ට්‍රීට, , , , 200


Central Finance Company Ltd was incorporated in December 1957, as a private limited liability company based in Kandy. Its principal activity was to provide financial services in the form of hire purchase facilities to the passenger transport and goods hau ...

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සෙන්ට්‍රල් ඉන්වෙස්ට්මන්ට්ස් ඇන්ඩ් ෆිනෑන්ස් පීඑල්ස

181/1 ඒ, ධර්මපාල මාවත, , , , 700


Central Investments & Finance PLC (CIFL) is the investment banking outfit of carries the stamp of solidarity and reliability of its parent Aspic Corporation Limited an emerging force in the Sri Lankan corporate spectrum. Strength, integrity, efficienc ...

Telephone+94 (11) 4419419
Fax+94 (11) 2686173
චිලව් ෆිනෑන්ස් පීඑල්සී

44, කුරුණෑගල පාර, , , , 61000

Chilaw Finance Limited (CFL) was incorporated in 1980 as a private limited company. CFL is a small sized registered finance company (RFC) with its operations mainly concentrated in the Wayamba Province. The company?? major business interests are in the ar ...

Telephone+94 32 2222055, 2222
Fax+94 32 2223273
සිටිසන් ඩිවෙලොප්මන්ට් බැංකුව


Products Money Exchange Fixed Deposits - "Dhana Surekum" Fixed Deposits -"Aee" Finance - Lease Pawning Fixed Deposits - "Deeghayu" CDB Rankati Personal Loan CDB Real SavingJaffna       Branches No. 208, Stanley Road, J ...

Telephone+94 11 738 8388
Fax+94 11 242 9888
සිටි ෆිනෑන්ස් සංස්ථා සීමාසහිත පුද්ගලික ආයතනය

72, රාජගිරිය පාර, , , 10100

කොමර්ෂල් ක්‍රෙඩිට් සහ ෆිනෑන්ස් පීඑල්සී

106, යටිනුවර වීදිය, , , 20000


Commercial Credit & Finance PLC is continuing its record- breaking story of success as it spread its reach across Sri Lanka, stamping its unique brand of service and corporate leadership on cities across the country. The company's rapid turnaround to ...

Telephone+94 81 200 0000
Fax+94 81 223 4390
කොමර්ෂල් ලීසිං සහ ෆිනෑන්ස් පීඑල්සී

68, බෞද්ධාලෝක මාවත, , , 400


Commercial Leasing & Finance PLC, now operates as a fully fedged finance company, offering a range of financial services. Our main services are fixed deposits, savings, leasing, factoring, hire purchase, insurance, loans and hiring.   Products ...

Telephone+94 11 452 6443
Fax+94 11 258 6918
අබාන්ස් ෆිනෑන්ස් පීඑල්සී

අංක 400, ගාලු පාර, , , , 300


Services   Time Deposits We have provided Attractive interest rate for your money deposit for a certain "term" or period of time. You have opportunity to take a loan which is your deposit keep as a security. You can save your money as monthly or matu ...


336 x 200 Sinhala



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