City: හමිබන්තොට

6 -11 ශ්‍රේණිය සදහා ගණිතය  හමිබන්තොට

හමිබන්තොට, ,

Class type: Group Hambantota District: Hambantota: Grade 6 - 11 Maths Tuition Classes Conducted by Mr. Amil

Telephone+94 77 367 7280
කාන්චනා හොටලය

100, ෆීටි පාර, මිිරිජ්ජවිල, ,

Telephone+94 77 755 6433
බන්දුල ජාතික උද්‍යානය

තිස්සමහාරාම පාර, ,

Haven for migrant and resident birds and for it's wetland habitat Bundala is most famous for its migratory and resident birds and the only one Ramsar site in Sri Lanka. The migration period from August with the commencement of the harsh winter and conti ...

යාල ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය


Ruhuna National Park at Yala is Sri Lanka's most popular wild life safari destination. Situated about 300kM from Colombo the 1250 sq kM park is home to leopards, crocodile, elephant, deer, sambar, bear, wild bore, wild buffalo and peacock and may varietie ...

Telephone+94 11 288 8585
බන්ඩාගිරිය පන්සල

බන්ඩාගිරිය, ,

Bandagiriya, a village located at the very far end of the Hambantota district is known well because of the ancient temple there. The rock on which the ancient stupas and other ruins are found today is considered the highest peak in the Hambantota district ...



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