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මධ්‍යම සංස්කෘතික අරමුදල

තම්බයියා මාවත, ,

The Central Cultural Fund’s website is down and tickets to Sigirya, Polonaruwa and Anuradhapura must be purchased from one of their offices. Their head office is located at Bauddhaloka Mawatha but I prefer the branch at Thambiah avenue as it has a booksto ...


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This is one of those expensive gift places for expensive people. Want something that smells old and affirms that you are indeed a person of class and distinction? Hit up the Hermitage. Like Paradise Road and Gandhara it deals in antiques- furniture, stone ...

Telephone+94 11 250 2196
ප්‍රොමේට් වර්ල්ඩ් ස්ටේෂනර් - කොළඹ තුරගතරග පිටිය

රීඩ් මාවත, ,

ProMate is a stationery shop, they’ve got a few pricey looking pens here and a huge collection of notebooks. Their whole brand practically revolves around notebooks; notepads, spiral pads, CADpads, memo pads, workbooks, scrapbooks, drawing books, etcetera ...

Telephone+94 11 255 5955
ලක්සල - කොළඹ තුරගතරග පිටිය

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This shop is a miniature version of the bigger Laksala which is just a 10 minute walk from here. The vibrant souvenir boutique holds some small wooden carvings, decorated brass ornaments, some handloom clothing, gems and jewellery and some handy little pa ...

Telephone+94 11 258 0579
වික්ටරිස් ෆයින් වින්ස් ඇන්ඩි ස්පිරිටිස්

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There are plenty of places to purchase alcohol in Colombo. Supermarkets, dodgy little wine stores, large liquor shops, 'special' delivery services, and so on. Thank God we're not in Tamil Nadu. But in spite of our happy facility to procure a beverage, we ...

Telephone+94 11 462 8346
ආරියපාල සුපිරි වෙළෙඳසල

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Ariyapala is not a supermarket, it's a liquor store. A pretty good one. They have perhaps the best selection of wine and a decent selection of alcohol. It's also got the added ambiance of not ordering your drink through literal bars. Ariyapala is a fam ...

මරදාන සකන්ඩ් හෑන්ඩ් බුක් ෂොප්

ආචාර්ය විජේවර්ධන මාවත, ,

A rainy afternoon browsing through eclectic piles of old books. The particular bouquet - must, dry dust, fading ink, a touch of mold- of long unthumbed chapters, a grand old theater crumbling in the background, and street life buzzing all around you. I ...

මිඩායා සෙරමික් කම්පැනි

යූනියන් පෙදෙස, ,

Midaya is a ceramics shop with affordable cups, bowls, plates and various ceramic things. We once walked into the Midaya shop thinking it had chocolates, which it doesn't. This storefront on the corner of Union Place and Dawson Street has a range of ra ...

සසික ප්‍රනාන්දු ගැලරි

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The new Saskia Fernando Gallery on Horton Place has ample room for their interesting art collection. The old Saskia Fernando Gallery, founded on Dharmapala Mawatha in 2009, was a breath of fresh air to the Colombo art and social scene. It was also tiny ...

Telephone+94 11 742 9010
පැරඩයිස් රෝඩ් ගැලරි

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The Gallery Cafe is a Colombo institution. While the cafe/restaurant portion of the dual use space gets more attention (chocolate nemesis is its own art form) the gallery portion, which occupies the entrance hall and the building's first courtyard, is one ...

Telephone+94 11 258 2162
ලංකා හෑන්ඩ්ස්

135, බෞද්ධාලෝක මාවත, ,

This place is totally demolished. Lanka Hands is a great place to buy gifts and souvenirs from. It may not be quite as classy as Barefoot or Paradise Road, or have it's own trademark range, but it sells plenty of nice Sri Lankan craft items and at a be ...

Telephone+94 11 451 2311

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Happiness is an online store for kids and mums (and dads). For our test order (Play-Doh) they delivered the same day (within three hours, actually), so color us impressed. Sri Lanka is seeing a lot of online stores coming up, which is a good thing. The ...


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Kiito is a bespoke tailor on Rosmead Place. They do excellent bespoke work ranging from suits (Rs. 16,000 upwards) to shirts and trousers (Rs. 3,000 upwards). They have material or you can bring your own. The main thing that makes Kiito our recommendation ...

Telephone+94 11 269 0740
එනිතින්ග්.එක්කේ, එළවළු සැපයුම්

1, තිඹිරිගස්යාය පාර, ,

Shopping for fruit and veg in Colombo is rarely a pleasure. You're either fumbling through unopenable plastic bags at Keells or side-stepping dried puddles of crow poo at the market. The thing about vegetable shopping here is that you'll never find everyt ...

Telephone+94 11 726 9222
ලෙක්සෝන් ගිෆ්ට් ඩිපෝට්

49, බේබෘෘක් වීදිය, ,

Lexon Gift is a design conscious store located on Braybrooke Street. Lexon is right next to Curry Much (near Gangarama), so we've passed by it a lot. Inside they've got a lot of cool and innovative gift and office items. For example, personal fans, USB ...

Telephone+94 11 231 4500
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ග්‍රෙගරි පාර, ,

Sri Lanka's first commercial 3D print-shop has started up. This young company will print almost any design from, say, Thingiverse, customize it, or help you design something of your own. They are also conducting classes on 3D printing. If you're unfami ...

ද ට්‍රී ඔෆ් ආර්ට්

ඩී ස්ටැන්ලි තිලකරත්න මාවත, ,

The Tree of Art is a tiny little shop in Nugegoda - so tiny we didn't even know it was there. We came across it quite by accident, having ventured into Nuge in search of a fast food joint called The Meat Locker. Unfortunately The Meat Locker looked as una ...

කප්රුක ග්ලෝබල් ෂොප

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Kapruka global shop connects Sri Lankans to giant US merchants like Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and others. They take a 5% commission for having it shipped down to Sri Lanka and mailed to your door - of course you still have to pay for the shipping ...


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ලොරිස් පාර, ,

Uyana is a little shop of Lauries Road which is somewhat randomly open. You can't buy any of the cool stuff (CDs, pipes, fake Rolex watches) but they do sell a good selection of rolling papers and lighters. The shops is open at somewhat random hours, ...

Telephone+94 11 250 6640
හේවගේ සහ පුත්‍රයෝ ස්වර්ණාභරණ

49/2, ශ්‍රී චිත්තම්පලම් ඒ ගාඩිනර් මාවත, ,

In the most unlikely place- a row of shabby kades on the turn off just before the Rowing Club, is the most magical little shop. Hewage’s Jewellers is the sort of shop you find in novels; a dark and slightly dusty treasure trove filled in this case quite l ...

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