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හවුස් ඔෆ් ෆැෂන්

101, ඩි එස් සේනානායක මාවත, ,


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බෙයාර්ෆුට්- කොළඹ 03

704, ගාළු පාර, ,

Telephone+94 11 258 9305
බෙයාර්ෆුට් ගැලරි

704, ගාලු පාර, ,


Barefoot Gallery, formerly known as The Colombo Gallery (1967-1971), reopened in 1991 as 'Gallery 706' Colombo' and has been known under its current name since 1999. At present, it is able to generate funds from the exhibitions it hosts, where the Gallery ...

Telephone+94 11 250 5559
මැජෙක් සිටි (එමි සි)

ගාඵ පාර, ,

Providing an impressive shopping destination that is replete with a variety of options that are scattered throughout, Majestic City provides an excellent shopping destination for visitors to Sri Lanka. Offering everything from clothes, electronic items ...

ආපිකෝ සුපර් සෙන්ටර්

310, හයිලෙවල් පාර, ,


We are the largest retailer of general household utility goods in Sri Lanka with a brand, Arpico, which boast of an unparallel loyalty among the Sri Lankan households. Currently we have a network of over 25 Arpico showrooms located in key towns islandwide ...

Telephone+94 11 431 0500
Fax+94 11 431 0777


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ශ්‍රී ලංකාව, ,

If you’re as lazy as the average Colombar, you’ve probably been waiting ages for an online shop to start up. Now there finally is one - Quickee. They deliver within 30 minutes and operate 24 hours on the weekends. Quickee is a recent start up company ...

Telephone+94 11 286 1686
හෝම් බේසික්

3 වන මහල, තිසර ප්ලාසා, දුටුගැමුණු වීදිය, ,

Home Basics is a relatively unfrequented lifestyle store located at the Tisara Plaza in Kohuwela. There’s a substantial variety of linen, kitchenware, bathware and tableware. Most items appear to be sourced from all over South Asia. They also have fake fl ...

විජිත යාපා පොත්හල - නුගේගොඩ

99, එස් ද එස් ජයසිංහ මාවත, ,

The store’s fluorescent lighting, white walls, white shelves and white floor tiles render the space rather clinical and cold. I found it eerily reminiscent of Oregon State Hospital (The setting of ‘One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ ). But don’t let tha ...

Telephone+94 11 436 0650
ම්ලේස්නා තේ මධ්‍යස්ථානය

4, මැජෙස්ටික් සිටි, ,

We all know Mlesna, the go-to tea brand for gifting someone overseas or impressing a visitor. A hurried visit to a Mlesna boutique and we rely on their consistently beautiful packaging to do the rest. The sheer variety is also impressive - with over 100 k ...

සරසවි වෙයාර්හවුස්

30, ස්ටැන්ලි තිලකරත්න මාවත, ,

The Sarasavi Warehouse is located a few hundred metres (Towards the Nugegoda Supermarket) from the main Sarasavi Bookshop. Strangely, the latter exhibits no sign whatsoever of the former’s existence. Even the Warehouse seems unsure of itself ; when I aske ...

ද පොටරි ෂොප්

15, 2 වන මහල, මැජෙස්ටික් සිටි, ,

The Pottery Shop is a warm, cramped space full of clayware precariously balanced on tired looking shelves. All items are handmade by local craftsmen. They have lamps, ornaments, teapots, plates, mugs, pendants, shampoo containers for hotels and spas, frag ...

Telephone+94 11 259 9861
කොළඹ තුරගතරග පිටිය

2, රීඩ් මාවත, ,

The Colombo Racecourse is a beautiful restored building in Colombo 7 which houses a somewhat mediocre mall. They've now extended the building into what we're calling the Dutch Hospital 2, but the shopping options are not much improved.

ක්‍රෙස්කැට් කීල්ස් සුපර්

ක්‍රෙස්කැට් බුල්වාඞ්, ගාලු පාර, ,

We're starting reviews of supermarkets because really, you shouldn't be eating out so much. Keells Super at Crescat Mall (in the basement to be precise) is one of the most internationally patronized in the city. A whole range of westerners and Asians, ...

Telephone+94 11 552 7526
දයා පෙරේරා

නත්තල් අලංකරණ, 15, කර්නල් ටී ජී ජයවර්ධන මාවත, ,

This isn't really a shop and it's only open seasonally, but Daya Perera has the best (and cheapest) Christmas decorations outside of Pettah. The Stuff For Christmas lights (Rs. 120 per string), artificial trees (Rs. 6,500+), tree baubles (Rs. 150+ per ...

Telephone+94 71 686 6001
ග්ලෝරි ස්විම් ෂොප්

1, ස්පාතෝඩියා ඇවනිව්, ,

Glory Swimwear has some pretty amazing mannequins. They honestly look like they belong in another sort of store. Besides that they have all of the swimming-related stuff you could want, at high prices. Basic goggles are Rs. 850 - 7,000 (!), swim trunks ...


89, ඩඩ්ලි සේනානායක මාවත, ,

Jalanka is a small Japanese supermarket in Colombo 8. They have a lot of good and reasonably priced sauces, noodles and imported Japanese items. Jalanka is a long-running Japanese food and supplies store. You can get everything from Ramen noodles to sl ...

Telephone+94 77 368 5941
චාල්ස් ඇන්ඩ් කීත්

1 / 1ඩී, බගතලේ පාර, ,

CHARLES & KEITH is a Singaporean fashion franchise focusing mainly on women's footwear and bags. They have over 300 outlets across the world, one of which resides along the Galle Road in Colpetty. Charles & Keith offers a good selection of well designe ...

හවුස් ඔෆ් ෆැෂන්

101, ඩී.එස්. සේනානායක පාර, ,

The new House Of Fashions is kind of amazing, though the goods (mainly clothing) they sell remains generally mediocre. House Of Fashions [sic] has been a sub-continental shopping mecca since 1992. They've been efficiently doing tons of business in a bi ...

Telephone+94 11 215 4555

21, ලිබර්ටි ප්ලාසා, ,

If you need a liquor store with parking, the Labels in Liberty Plaza isn't a bad one. They have one of the cities larger wine selections and a good amount of champagne. Some of the champagne is quite expensive (Rs. 10,000 up) but they have Prosecco an ...

Telephone+94 11 257 5940
5 වන මාවත

245 ජී, ස්ටැන්ලි තිලකරත්න මාවත, ,

Surely anyone who hears the phrase ‘Fifth Avenue’, immediately thinks of Barneys, the New York Public Library, the beautiful Guggenheim and if they’ve seen The Apprentice (unfortunately) of Donald Trump at Trump Tower telling people that they’re fired. So ...

Telephone+94 11 281 7700


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