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Unawatuna Beach Resort, or UBR is one of the oldest and best-known beach resorts in Sri Lanka, established in 1982. It is the only star class, full service hotel in Unawatuna, and has the longest beach frontage in Unawatuna of 135 meters. It has the only ...

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RELAX IN A QUIET NATURAL PARADISE IN A PICTURESQUE BAY WITH THE INDIAN OCEAN AT YOUR FEET. A retreat to an enchanting beach resort in Sri Lanka, a tropical paradise. This boutique resort is located right on the beach in a secluded Bay, one hop aw ...

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Welcome to “Dionis Villa” , the italian/srilankan charming 3-apartments self-catering apartments, set in a private walled tropical garden in the jungle of the wonderful unawatuna bay in the south of sri lanka. Approximately 10-15 minutes by walk to th ...

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" Come as a Guest ....................... ........Live as a Friend " Ridee Villa is not a Hotel or Holiday Resort. But someone who travel down south or willing to spend a few days on the unawatuna beach, This is the ideal place to lodge. Pro ...

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About Us With a history spanning over 200 years, Mount Lavinia Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Sri Lanka. This premier colonial heritage hotel has earned a reputation over the years for its magnificent structure and ambiance, the old world charm whi ...

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Ayurveda in Sri Lanka Consultation Meetings with the Doctor - He will recommend a special diet and exercises Customization of Ayurvedic Treatment Purgation Yoga (Every morning) CUISINE Nourishing for mind, body and soul, Ayurvedic Cuisine kicks ...

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ABOUT US For a tropical beach experience, The Surf in Bentota offers you the perfect setting. Located by the beach, the hotel provides deluxe, superior rooms and suites while there are a number of modern amenities such as air-conditioning, mini fridge ...

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The Ayurveda Resort in Sri Lanka. Dalmanuta is a small personal hotel with nine spacious bungalows. Dalmanuta offers a first class Ayurveda treatment without being dogmatic. Pancha Karma-, detox purification-, weight loss- and palliative treatments ...

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Club Villa is neither a resort, nor is it a hotel. Instead, you are encouraged to regard it as a home away from home. In a setting that includes a sense of hypnotic, dreamlike relaxation where every wish is anticipated and answered by discreet staff whose ...

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Bentota known for its broad golden beaches is situated in the southern coastal zone of Sri Lanka, a mere 90 minute drive from Colombo. If the idea of a vacation calls to mind an image of lazing around on the beach, indulging in mouth-watering delicacies a ...

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Providing an ideal hideaway for the true romantic in you, the Royal Palms Beach Hotel offers the perfect package. With warm sandy beaches to a palm fringed coastline, the hotel beckons you to total comfort and relaxation. From seafood dishes to Internatio ...

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About Kamili denotes Lotus the floral emblem of Buddha and one of the oldest symbols in the world. The roots of this aquatic plant originate in mud and darkness. Its flower with its stem, spreads its corolla perfect light above the water, the Lotus, ...

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Welcoming you to an atmosphere filled with a fusion of modern and ancient ethnicity, Tangerine Beach Hotel combines a unique ambience of light and space. From life size statues of animals to an indoor water garden, the hotel provides luxurious accommodati ...

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Welcome to Thilanka Resort and Spa- a paradise for the tired souls and the weary bodies. S ituated in the historic city of Dambulla , within Sri Lanka 's cultural triangle, the perfect balance between holiday resort and spiritual retreat and a doorway to ...

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Lake Lodge is a small and exclusive 12 room hotel in the little village of Kandalama , in the heart of Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle. The village is dispersed around a 3000 acre man made body of water whose history dates back to over a 1000 years ago, to ...

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AVANI Kalutara Resort blends authentic Sri Lankan culture and old colonial charm with contemporary design flair and all the ingredients that really matter for an escape of laid back relaxation. Hideaway in paradise, between a tropical palm fringed beach ...

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“Formerly known as the Ramada Resort, Kalutara, “The Sands by Aitken Spence Hotels”, introduces with it, a novel, exciting and breathtaking experience for the holiday maker. Guests will have the flexibility of enjoying each meal (lunch and dinner) in dif ...

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Set on the tranquil banks of the magnificent Kandalama Lake, this showpiece resort captures the essence of Sri Lankan design, culture and tradition. Enjoy lush tropical gardens against a dramatic backdrop while uplifting, catchy raban melodies welcome you ...

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Sigiriya is most commonly know for its Rock Fortress structure from 5th Century BC, once Kingdom to Kashyappa seen by some as a God King and by others as Tyrant who gruesomely murdered his father. What ever the truth, Sigiriya to date holds its mysteries ...

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Chaaya Blu Trincomalee Hotel at Trincomalee was originally established in the 70s. Today Chaaya blue has undergone a complete transformation from its original design of a great sailing vessel to a refreshing retro-chic hotel.

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