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The best in the country.
MFBCS is the best place for the people who are really wanted to make their body healthy and perfect. I never met such a perfect coach in my gym carrier , he is an unique guy with full of talents.its very difficult to explain the services which he is providing , you should feel and experience it. and one thing I must say he is putting more than 100% that what we are expecting from a coach.MFBCS is not only developed my body and mind and its totally changed my lifestyle in to positive path. Thank you coach !!

Highly Recommended
One of the best experiences I've ever got is getting the opportunity to work with the Coach Freak. I have been to many gyms throughout the country and overseas and met these so called people called "Trainers" but the training that I got from the Coach Freak has simply been the best. His knowledge and the level of motivation provided has transformed me from Good to Great. MBFCS highly recommended :D

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Best in business
Best Coach in Srilanka , enough said
making unbelievable progress :)

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Coach Freak is the Most Knowledgeable and Skilled Coach I’ve Ever Met
MFBCS is the only company that delivers beyond expected results each time but doesn’t make any promises at the same time. Coach Freak is the most knowledgeable and skilled coach I’ve ever met and I have met so many coaches playing so many different sports. The wisdom you get from him is literally priceless. However this is not the place to be if you are lazy and undisciplined as Coach Freak will not tolerate these kinds of people one bit.

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World-Class Coaching and Results.
The best and only place in Sri Lanka for world-class coaching and results. I am so glad I found MFBCS sine I wasted so many years in vain without any results or guidance. Getting the world-class coaching from Coach Freak will make you wonder in you are in Sri Lanka as he is light years ahead of other so-called trainers.

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MFBCS is a Bodybuilding Results Factory
The best place for real bodybuilding knowledge and guidance. MFBCS is a bodybuilding results factory that delivers each and every time. If you are willing to extremely work, Coach Freak will get you there one way another.

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Coach Freak is a Walking Encyclopedia
The only company in Sri Lanka for off-the-charts results. Coach Freak is a walking Encyclopedia and he is the best bodybuilding coach in Sri Lanka hands down.

The One and Only Company in Sri Lanka for Serious Bodybuilding
The one and only company in Sri Lanka for serious bodybuilding and real fitness. Period. No one can get even 5% of the knowledge or results from anywhere else that you get from MFBCS from just one program. M. Danushka (Former Gym Instructor)

Excellent Company for Serious Bodybuilders
Excellent company for serious bodybuilders, athletes and people. Coach Freak's knowledge and commitment are unmatched.

Awesome results
I was just amazed by the results I got from a very short period of training under MFBCS guidance. Moreover, the support. guidance and the motivation given by MFBCS is just unique and outstanding. I haven't come across any other gym or instructor as such before. I recommend 100% to anyone to train with them and get your dream body in an effective and efficient way which will amaze your friends. Cheers!!

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